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 XXXmas 11 (2023) 
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Post XXXmas 11 (2023)
Credits to: Luna

1. After the intro cinematic, there will be a #1 non-scene scene with Jennifer

2. Head towards the back of the ship where you will be introduced to a Orc female and the ships chefs, Packo and fren

3. Once the talking has concluded head towards the area you started the game from and head outside

4. After heading up to the deck of the ship head left and up the stairs towards the helm and interact with Jack

5. After your interaction with Jack head to the captains room, the doors next to the kitchen and interact with Dave #2 non-scene

6. Once Jennifer and Packo have finished their talk head below the hull and talk to Cirillia (Avery)

off story 1. After talking to Avery head towards Alex who's sitting on a bed #1 scene with Alexander and Jennifer

7. After talking to Avery head back above deck and towards where Jack was

8. Once you watch Jack wander off head towards his direction and once you have come across a town head into the first house on the right

9. Following her orders you can head up the stairs on the right side and into the room on the same side of the stair case #2 scene with Alextrazsa and Tarecgosa

10. Head back downstairs and interact with the Inn worker at the front desk (you can also walk behind her and interact with the door - leads nowhere for now)

11. Jack will stop you in your tracks when you head outside, and you will notice Santa's helper follow her (she will be next to a camp fire)

12. Once you've told Inna to leave head back to the original house you walked into and interact with the clothes drawer #3 scene with Megan and Santa's helper (Barracus)

13. When Megan leaves the house head back to Barracus and interact with him #4 Scene with Jennifer and Barrucus

off story 2. you can now head back to the ship and the Orc female will have a talk of "nothing to report"

14. If you did not go back to the ship just head back to the Inn, Jack will pull you to the side

15. Head towards Alex and Luxia and talk to them, head upstairs and you will you see Packo and fren #5 scene Alextrazsa with Packo and Fren

16. Turn around and you will see #6 scene Elf Male with the Draenei Luxia is looking for

17. Head back downstairs and interact with the Tauren and Gnome

18. After talking to the Tauren head behind the counter and remember that door? head down and interact with the slightly open door #7 scene Taruen
(Santa's helper with olga and Elizabeth)

19. Head down the far end of the town and interact with the house that is lit in red keep going into the bedroom and next to the bed is a key on the drawer

20. Before heading out head upstairs and interact with Edward #8 scene Edward (Worgen) with Jennifer

21. Head back to the inn and head upstairs to the first room #9 scene Gnome with Tauren and Draenei

22. After or before 21. Head towards the counter and down the stairs behind the door again and need to use (I) and use the key #9 scene Jennifer with Taruen

off story 3. Head back to the ship where the Female Orc was waiting #10 scene Orc Female with Barrucus Taruen

off story 4. #1 secret scene (Silicon Lust reference). Head back to the house with the key, once in the main room with the paintings head towards the painting with
Sylvanas with worgens and others jump on the awning and then on the drawer and interact with the painting, grab the key, use the key on the
building left of the wizards tower and interact with the door

23. Head back to where you found the painting key and head towards the bedroom #11 Scene Elizabeth Jennifer with Santa.

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