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 Tails of Azeroth: Rekindling of the Red walkthrough 
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Post Tails of Azeroth: Rekindling of the Red walkthrough
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The game begins with Alextraza's dream of the Second War, when Alextraza was forced to submit to the orcs of the Dragonmouth clan. We watch a scene with her and three orcs. Sleep is interrupted by Lianna and reminds her to go to town. She leaves, leaving Alextraza alone, watching the dildo scene. Before going out, be sure to get dressed in front of the mirror. Using the book near the closet you can get into the gallery, to get out of the gallery you need to talk to the dreneika at the table. In the gallery you can see all the scenes that you have seen, or you can enter the code 4638 and open all the scenes (at the time of 1.04 in the gallery are available to 2 unique scene, that no way to watch when passing - with dreneika and horse, and laying eggs alextraza). After the opening of access to the city, the book will stop working.

Into the city.

Exit the cave and go right into town. Go straight ahead up the path to the town gates, talk to the guard. He told us that so far we can not get into town, we need to fix the wagon, which at the moment is busy with the local farmer. We go further along the path until we reach the farm. Talk to the drenei, he will offer Alexstrazu to rest in his house, while he will be busy fixing the wheels.

Inside the house, Alexstraza is greeted by the farmer's incredibly hospitable friend, who offers to drink cold lemonade. This is an offer Alexstraza does not refuse. After a couple of sips, we come to our senses already in the pantry. As a result, the dragon queen is locked in the stocks, a pair of mana snakes suck mana out of her chest, watch the scene with the drenei and the drenei.


Alexstraza regains consciousness, but now she is alone, the kidnappers are nowhere to be seen. We hide near the barrels in the far corner of the room. The Drene, who has returned, does not notice the captive lurking, and becomes a prisoner himself. You can "torture" the prisoner if you wish. We return to the city gate, where we meet Jaina, who destroys the van as easily as the pug. After talking to her, we find ourselves at the "inspection" in her tower, watch the scene with Jaina, then with the girl-futanari Amanda. From this point in the inventory you can monitor your progress in the form of a filling heart, after each sex scene the heart will fill up, and Alexstrase will unlock the skills: arson - to destroy obstacles; turning into a dragon - to get into very narrow holes.

Now it's worth visiting the drenei that Alexstraza left in chains, as well as the elf sitting on the pier by the pond next to the farm, there are scenes with both of them, and they will also both help in accumulating "mana" for new abilities.

The Quest for Tauren and Black's Revenge

From Jaina's house, we head to the opposite side of town to the workshop. Going down the stairs near her house, turn right and go up another staircase to the big house, where you need to talk to Imara, a drenei, and get a whistle for her dog from her. Go further and turn left to the workshop. Inside we find the tauren we need, talk to him and direct him to Jaina. In the alley to the left of the workshop is a scene with two sailors and Alexstraza. In the house opposite the store, going up to the second floor, you can see a scene with an illuminated drenei, after which Alexstraza will want her dildo, but the drenei only agrees to exchange it for another. To the left of the dreneika's house, in another house, we find Black in the company of his daughter Jennifer and her would-be husband, the Vorgen Torturing Rev. We watch the scene with the couple, then talk to Black. As it turns out, he lost all of his possessions and his daughter to the Vorgen in a card game, but he wants revenge, and proposes a plan to Alexstrase, for which she will receive a gold diamond ring in exchange for participating.

We pick up wood near the fireplace and throw it into the same fireplace. Because of the high temperature, the couple has to relocate to the beach, leaving the chest of valuables unattended, but it turns out to be under lock and key, and Black believes the worgen must have that key. They won't let you onto the beach just like that, so on the second floor of the store, in the farthest room, we take a coupon from the bookshelf, and then watch the scene with the tauren. We leave the store, turn the corner and go straight to the local eatery. We give the coupon to the man, in exchange we get a free meal, in which we get the cherished ticket. Go to the bar and ask the bartender about the orcs, he offers to ask his daughter. She is in the closet at the entrance to the workshop, go down to her and watch the scene with her and the troll. From her we learn that an orc is terrorizing the local fishermen.

We go to the pier, just turn and go along the shore to the right. Behind the rocks we meet a goblin, to whom we give a membership card, watch the scene with him and pass. On the left side we use the only free chaise lounge, after which one of the orcs appears, which Alexstraza is looking for. We read the ad he hung up about the swimming lessons. We steal the key from the couple and watch the scene with Jennifer and the Vorgen. Before leaving, talk to the goblin bartender, who will offer Alexstraza his "services", find a free towel and watch the scene.

We return to Black, who now wants to sink the Vorgen ship with termites. In the basement just beyond Black's house we find Hemmet. He's once again short of actresses for the porn shoot, but before he goes looking for them he should go back to Jaina, but Amanda won't let him disturb his mistress, so he has to find another way upstairs. We go in the open door of the neighboring house and go upstairs, talk to the owner of the house, watch the scene. We go out to the balcony, jump on the next door and talk to Jaina, who was missing a tauren and now needs an orc.

Finding orcs, shooting Hemmet and Gul'Dan's skull

Outside the city gate, at the first tree on the right we fill a jar with termites. Go further along the wall to the barrier of leaves, burn it (the ability should already be unlocked) and find a wolf near the cave, on which you need to use the whistle. We go to the pier at the lake, but before we talk to the elves we need to go into a cave nearby. There at the moment the orc-trainer is having his lesson with a drenei. Watch the scene with the two of them and Alexstraza. At the end of the lesson, we talk to the elves on the pier, and together with them Alestraza returns to Hemmet. However, Hemmet can't shoot anything without a script and asks to get the script. We go to the house near the gate, by which the girl is standing. We go upstairs and talk to the troll, but then a sudden gust of wind takes the pages in different directions, and now we have to find them.

The closest page is in the alley behind a nearby gate, but to get there you have to go around the alley from the side of Imara's house, which is worth returning to in order to watch the scene with her and her wolves on the second floor. After climbing the crates in front of her house, we jump down to the page, you'll have to come back here later. The second page is on the gallows, not far from the gate. The last page fell into the hands of a drenei who lives in front of Jaina's house, talk to him, watch the scene. We return the script to Hemmet and watch more scenes with the drenei and the two futanari night elves.

We go to the wharf to sink the ship, and on the way we meet one of the orcs we need. We offer help to the injured orc sailor and go to the ship. On the protruding board, use a can of termites and sink the ship. Two taurens immediately punish Alextraza for this. The ship's enraged captain also teaches Alexstrase a lesson, but Jennifer catches him cheating, and when she learns he no longer has the ship either, she immediately abandons it. We return to Black, who meets us at the entrance and rewards us not only with the promised ring, but also with a treasure map, while he himself goes off to punish his daughter. Upstairs you can watch the process of punishment.

We go to a tavern nearby, at its entrance is a fancy sign, which is difficult to miss. We go up to the second floor to the sailor's wife. After explaining the plan to her, Alexstraza changes into her outfit for the performances, and coming out of the tavern she immediately meets the right orc, who is only happy to let Alexstraza into his house. We go up to him on the second floor, see a number of scenes, it's done. We go back for our clothes, but the fisherman and his wife are a bit busy playing the roles, watch the scene with Alexstraza and the sailor, then get the lockpick from the fisherman's wife.

We go to Alestraza's cave. Not far from her, on the left in the rock, you can see a passageway hidden behind the branches, using the first skill you can get rid of this obstacle. Pass on and talk to an orc near the rubble mine, watch the scene. We approach the mine and turn into a dragon to fly inside. Take the ore from the wagon and get out back. Opposite the mine, in the swamp, look for a chest among the roots of one of the trees and take from it the skull Gul'Dan. Near the nearest hut we notice one of the orcs we're looking for. We follow him inside the house and watch the scenes. Between the orc's house and the farm there's a path to a mansion in the mountains, follow it until we reach the locked front door. We go around the house and go down into the basement. Inside, Lianna has already found a worgen, for which she is punished by Alexstrase and sent home, watch the scene with the worgen. We go to the pier. We talk to the elves, watch the scene with them and Alexstraza. Go back to Jaina, watch the scene with her and the orc. Jaina isn't happy again, now she needs a drenei.

We return to the storeroom at the farm. The prisoner is missing somewhere, but a bottle with an unholy symbol was left on the floor, perhaps the death knights had something to do with it. We go to the gallows, behind it, near the tree, hidden the descent to the shelter of the knights of death. We go along the tunnel, in the first room on the way and hold the drenei. We free him. We go to the exit, but on the way Inna appears with two knights of death. While she will look for the prisoner, the two knights will keep an eye on us, watch the scene with them and Alexstraza. Freed from their supervision we take the dildo from the bed and go further down the tunnel until we come across a door that leads to the beach near the pier. Go left along the cliff, destroying another barrier with fire. Behind the barrier is an altar. Use the skull of Gul'Dan on the altar and watch the scene with Alexstraza and Illidan. Go back to Jaina for the scene with her and the drenei, talk to her - she's still not happy, but this time she wants an ogre, and Alexstraza's only neighbor is just the Butcher's son.

With the dildo found in the hideout, you can watch the scene in Alexstrase's lair, in which you can switch to the horse if you wish. Along the way it is worth a visit to the ogre, at the entrance to the cave are guarded by two soldiers who are going to kill him, because they think that the ogre is responsible for the attacks on the wagons. We talk to the ogre in the cave and learn that he attacked the wagons because he's hungry and won't listen to Alexstraza until we get him some bananas. For now, we go back to the illuminated drenei and change it for a new one. With the new one, we go back to Alextrasa's lair and use it on the couch, watching the dildo scene or the wolf scene at will.


We go back to the alley where we picked up the first page of the script. We go downstairs, crack the locked door with a picklock and make our way to the secret lair. We go to the fireplace, there is a lever on its left side that turns out to be broken. We need to fix it. Go upstairs, to the left of the workshop you can find the smithy. Talk to the blacksmith at the furnace. From him we learn that the repair needs thorium, which we have already got from the mine. Give the ore and get a whole lever in return, watch the scene with the smiths. Not far from the smiths you can buy bananas for the ogre, but Alexstrase has no money, so the seller wants something shiny in exchange, like the gold diamond ring we got from Black. It turns out to be fake, so we only get one banana. Before giving it to the ogre, we can use it, so we run to the cave of Alexstrase and use it by the bed. Go back to the ogre and give him the banana, watch the scene with him. We go to Jaina, watch the scene with her and the ogre. She's not happy again, so she leaves town. Go back to the secret lair, activate the lever, go to the secret room of the secret lair. Destroy the lab where the potions are produced, exit. At the exit we will be met by an evil drenei and cultists, watch the scene.

We return to the entrance to the shelter of the knights of death. Next to it, Alexstraza will overhear a dialogue between two whores, discussing the bound dragon, which we will have to save. First we need to find Aurelia they were talking about. We go to the house next to the city gate, in front of the steps. Inside we see Alex with Luxia and Aurelia. We go up to the second floor and in the first room on the right we steal the elf's clothes. Now we have to leave the brothel, but Aurelia won't let us. We go back upstairs and go to the far room, where we talk to two goblins and watch the scene. We leave the brothel.

Alectraza manages to sneak under disguise into the place where the dragon is being held. We go up to the second floor, where we learn that the second dragon is Corialstraz, Alexstraza's husband. We descend into the basement. Near the glowing ball on the table we pick up the key and go back to Kras. After his release Alexstraza again finds an evil drenei with cultists. We watch the scene with the troll, the drenei and the human, as well as Kras and the drenei. The cultists leave them shackled on the bed, but then Lianna flies in and saves Alexstrase and Kras.

We leave the house and turn right, earlier this way was blocked by a guard, but for now it is worth returning to the pier, where the night elves used to stand. We swim to the island in the middle of the lake, right in the center of this islet is a sword in stone. At this point the heart should already be full, which means the sword gets out. Let's go back to where we were going.

We go to the right side of the house on the hill and climb up. As it turns out, the Scarlet Order was behind the drenei's actions. And they don't like that the purple one has let them down so often. The guards of the Order turn out to be satyrs, against whom the dreneika, as a blacksmith, is powerless, we watch the scene with them.

Behind this house is a platform with a fountain. Come to the very edge of the square and if you can see a man at the stone, then jump down to him. This person turns out to be Kalesgos, the blue dragon. Release him and watch the scene with him and Alexstraza at the source.


We return to Alexstraza's lair. Using the board with pictures of orcs we can go to our mysterious friend, who helped us capture these orcs. Alexstraza transforms into his true dragon form and flies away. We find ourselves in the house of our mysterious friend. Interacting with the mirror will summon Barracus with dialogue from Joyous Reunion. We leave the room. We are greeted by our mysterious friend Silvana. She's the one who decided to gather all the orcs and with the help of Jaina she brainwashed them. We watch the scene with the three orcs, Silvana, Jaina and Alexstraz. Then only with the orcs and Alexstraza.


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