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 Tails of Azeroth: Joyous Reunion walkthrough 
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Post Tails of Azeroth: Joyous Reunion walkthrough
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We start the game as the blood elf Barracus . We go along the rocky path from the mountain and go to the left to the stone, watch the cinematic and immediately after the scene with Tarecgosa, return home, go around it and talk to our mother, at the same time we watch the scene with her and the tauren named Centaur. She sends us to Aunt Aleri for a summer job.

We are on the ship. We speak with Captain Black, he sends us to his daughter Jennifer, we follow her to the lower deck. In the first cabin on the left, you can peep the scene with the blood elf and the nightborn elf, we continue to go to the lower deck, Jennifer lies on the bed and flips through the magazine, we talk to her, we watch the scene, now we return to the captain's cabin and watch the scene with Jennifer and the captain. We arrive on the island.

Unfortunately, Barracus can't swim, so every time you try to swim, you'll find yourself near the healer of souls.

Additional quest with the Draenei Witch:

Picking mushrooms

We go up the stairs to the city, but the guard does not let us go, go around the city on the left side and go to the house on the hill, behind it we speak with a draenei girl who will ask us to find 3 mushrooms, if you agree, you can watch 2 scenes with a draenei ( not with this girl), and in case of refusal - a scene with a troll (more on that below). If you agreed to help her, then the first mushroom is in the direction of this girl near four trees, the second mushroom is near the stump between the house on the hill and the sawmill, the third is near the large statue, climb the hill and immediately notice this statue.

Having collected all the mushrooms, we return to the girl, this time she is near this very house. She asks to put a basket with mushrooms in the house, we go into the house and put the basket on the table, we leave it (Note: You don’t need to climb into the water to the crocolisks, otherwise you will immediately find yourself at the healer of souls, without the opportunity to watch the scene with this draenei!) and we speak with the draenei, after the conversation a scene follows with her, after which Barracus teleports to the cemetery.

Flower on the grave

We go through the sawmill, near which there was a second mushroom, and cross the bridge behind the sawmill. After passing it, we run straight past the prison to the first fork, turn left on it and continue along the path, passing the house with the druid. The path further loops around a cobblestone and a couple of trees, near which a blue flower grows, which we need to pick. Having picked a flower, a draenei girl appears, who will report that these are her mother's favorite flowers, but she is afraid to take them to her. We jump down and near one of the trees nearby we find a grave, near which we leave flowers. We go into the house near which we appeared and watch the scene with the draenei.


At the bushes between the sawmill and the house, we speak with a draenei girl. She asks to find her kitten. We go to the statue, where they took one of the mushrooms. The cat runs away, follow him to the hollow log (see image), he runs into it. We climb after him, but we find ourselves at the witch's hut, we talk with the witch herself inside, we watch the scene. After it, we wake up in the cemetery.

We go to the city, but here's the problem - it is surrounded by a wall, and they don't let us through the main gate. We go around the city on the left side until we find a hole in the wall. The hole is well camouflaged, it is located between a large cobblestone and a tree. We pass through the hole and go to the tavern, which is run by Aunt Barracus Aleri . We speak with her, and go up to the second floor for the cousin, who turns out to be Joy . We watch the scene and talk to her, go back and talk to Aleri, leave the tavern and go into the bathhouse, it is to the left of the exit. Aleri joins Barracus in the bathhouse, followed by Joy. They decide to have a drink and send Barracus for wine, but there is no need to go anywhere, Barracus stumbles over the edge of the bath and loses consciousness, we watch a mini-scene with relatives and a scene with Jennifer who came.

Search for Trebor

We go to the tavern to Aleri , she asks for help to deliver the beer, we take the beer and deliver it to the pirates, we speak with Aleri again. We need to find the tauren Trebor - the missing worker, for information we go to his girlfriend - the blacksmith (if you leave the tavern, the forge will be on the right), she sends us to his new girlfriend - the jeweler Molly, this draenei is located at her workplace not far from the statue of Sylvanas . The draenei says that Trebor likes to spend time in the library. The library is located opposite the Aleri tavern, we speak with the draenei inside - Imara. She sends us to the beach and warns that someone is waiting outside Barracus , this someone turns out to be the guard Milara, who did not let us into the city, when examining Barracus, Joy saves him, who works at the library, but for some unknown reason, she cannot go to work today and asks Barracus to fill in for her. Imara gives the task to find and take the books from the debtors, the first book is in the secret room of Sylvanas, and the second is on top of the lighthouse, for the first book - the scene with Imara and the worgen, for the second - the scene with Imara and two wolves. We return to the ship on which we sailed to the island, we go along the coast to the right to the end of the path, where Trebor's tent is hidden. It needs to be brought to life, we go to the pier to which the ship is moored, on the edge of the pier we take fish from the barrel and give it to Trebor. Trebor himself immediately leaves for the tavern, and we follow him. In the tavern, Trebor breaks up the fight, and the guards come to the hype, which sends Captain Black and his gang to prison.


If you did not agree to help the draenei girl, then we go to the sawmill, it is located right behind the library, next to which there are gates through which it is most convenient to reach the sawmill. We approach a pile of logs, when suddenly they fall right on Barracus due to the tricks of a vengeful draenei girl, a troll comes to his aid, who lifts the log without any problems, thereby saving the poor fellow and, in addition, calling her home. This troll lives in a house directly opposite the back gate, to the right of the statue of Sylvanas, we go into this house and watch a scene with her. Then we run from the city, between the cemetery and the shore there is a hill and a tree, a troll sits there, we talk to her.

Pizza delivery

We return to the tavern and talk with Aleri and get the task of delivering pizza, for the pizza itself we go to the basement to two goblins - Paco and Rico. We take away pizza from them and go to the mayor's house, this is the largest building in the city, which is located in the opposite corner from Aleri's tavern. But first we go to the house to the right of the mayor's house and give the pizza to Hammett . He, in turn, issues several tasks:

First task: We need to find his assistants, their house is right behind the jeweler's workplace, but there is no one in the house itself, so we pick up the camera from the table and return to Hammett, watch the scene with Stormy and Barracus as a reward.

The second task: Hammett asks to call Ilexis - a draenei sitting in a tavern. We speak with her and return to Hammett, watch the scene with Barracus, Stormy and Ilexis. Also, upon completion of the second shooting, in the house to the right of the bathhouse, through the right window, you can watch a scene with Ilexis and a nightborne elf.

Third task: We leave the city through the back gate, they are located next to the house of his assistants and go past the prison to the fork, turn left on it and after reaching the entrance to the elven hut turn right. Hammett and Stormy with the cat druid are already waiting, talk to Hammett and watch the scene with the cat and Stormy. After this scene, you can go into the house, at the top there is a mini-scene with Tyrande and the orc.

Now the turn has come to take the pizza to the mayor, we go to the mayor's house, but Sylvanas herself is not in place, which Alexstrasza and the absence of Sylvanas herself will inform us about . We take a lighter from the table to the right of Alexstrasza. We now have two paths that several scenes depend on:

Way one - we go into the portal behind Alexstrasza and get into her lair, go through something like hot springs and watch the scene with Lyanna and Linnistra . Alexstrasza, who came, reports that Sylvanas has returned, we return to her room and give her pizza.

The second way - we leave the room with Alexstrasza into the previous room with a table in the middle, with the lighter we found, first we set fire to a candle to the right of two dark green cabinets, then a candle near the throne and finally a candle opposite the first one. If done correctly, a secret passage will open to the left of the throne. In the secret room, we watch the scene with Sylvanas and the worgen, due to the arrival of Barracus , Sylvanas has to stop the process and she goes to the room with the portal. We take away from the bedside table the book needed by Imara and go to Sylvanas.

Runaway Worgen

Sylvanas will report that one of her trained worgens has escaped and asks to find him, we go to the tavern and talk to Aleri , we learn from her that someone heard a howl from the local lighthouse. The lighthouse is located outside the city, it is difficult to miss it, if you can’t find the lighthouse, then it’s better to jump into the water and go straight from the cemetery. The lighthouse itself is closed, so we go down the path, behind the slope there is a pier, on which lies the key to the lighthouse. We climb the stairs to the first balcony, on which the escaped worgen is located, we talk with him and find out that Sylvanas is powdering our brains and she tormented him and his son, whom he asks to save, and if you chose the first path, then before returning to the house mayor, we rise to the very top of the lighthouse and approach the edge, Linnistra arriveswith which we watch the scene. There is also a book for Imara, on a stool. We return to Sylvanas' house, where we face another choice, on which some scenes depend:

The first way is to hand over the worgen to Sylvanas , after which she will send guards after him, the worgen will be caught, and in the room behind the portal you can watch several scenes with Alexstrasza , Sylvanas and worgen.

The second way is to help the worgen, using the lighter previously taken from the room with the portal, we light the candles in this order: near two cabinets, by the throne, opposite the first, if everything was done correctly, then we open the passage to the secret room of Sylvanas (if not already this earlier), where we speak with the worgen, he will ask us to bring him armor, at the same time we take the book for Imara from the bedside table. We go to the barracks opposite Hammett 's house , next to the town hall itself, in the barracks you need to open the central chest on the right side, this does not go unnoticed and Fey comes up to us with a request to bring her pizza with a special sauce, in exchange she will give armor. Back to the Goblin Chefs from Aleri 's Tavernand talk to Paco. He agrees to make us pizza if we bring him the pictures that are kept in Joy 's room . We go up to Joy's room and take the necessary pictures in the bookcase on the right at the entrance. The pictures show goblin chefs and a draenei , having seen enough, we return to Paco, give him the photos in exchange for pizza. We bring Fay's pizza, but on the way we meet two guards and take away her pizza, anyway we go to Fay, cheer up the upset elf and watch a scene with her. After the scene, we return to the worgen in the secret room and give him the armor, after the worgen escapes, we pass through the portal to Alexstrasza 's lair and watch the scene with her.

Ultimatum Jennifer

We return to the tavern, where Jennifer meets us. She gives Barracus an ultimatum, demanding her father's freedom, and reveals that Joy has been kidnapped and is on the ship. After the conversation, Trebor comes up and says that the goblins need something, we go to them. We learn from them that a special wine was missing and presumably Aleri could have taken it., we go to her room (to the right of Joy's room) and find a bottle on the bed, a drunk Aleri comes, we watch scenes with her, having moved to the bath at the end. We go to the barracks, the guard Emma is sleeping on the far bed, we approach, we watch the scene and, together with Milara, who has come, we go to prison. Upon arrival, we learn that the prison itself was captured by bandits led by Vanessa Van Cleef. In order not to be captured by them, Barracus pretends to be a pirate from Black's gang, we watch the scene with Milara, the conviction succeeded. We go down the right stairs, in front of the draenei picks the lock, and behind the door behind, in the bedroom, the bandits are having fun with Milara, we come up and watch the scene with her and two bandits, meanwhile the draenei has cracked the lock, which is what we needed, we go up the tower and on the upper part we pass to the tower on the other side (it has steps, if they are not there, the tower is not the same). We go down, take the tools from the table and open the previously closed door. Ahead is the last room with a guard, inside besides her there are already those two bandits, we go in and watch the scene with all four "until the last remaining", which turns out to be Barracus. We take the key from the left bookshelf at the other end of the room and leave the room, Fria meets us and asks us to give her the key in order to personally deliver it to Vanessa and get a promotion. We have a choice: We take the key from the left bookshelf at the other end of the room and leave the room, Fria meets us and asks us to give her the key in order to personally deliver it to Vanessa and get a promotion. We have a choice: We take the key from the left bookshelf at the other end of the room and leave the room, Fria meets us and asks us to give her the key in order to personally deliver it to Vanessa and get a promotion. We have a choice:

Give her the key, as a reward Fria is promoted to sergeant, for which she is very grateful to Barracus, and Vanessa also frees Black. Before we go to the ship we go to the camp of the brotherhood. We go to the pier near the lighthouse and on the left side of the pier we go to the neighboring island in shallow water. We go upstairs and talk to Fria near the fire, watch the scene with her. We approach the left side of the house near the mine and watch the scene with Vanessa and the Tormenting Roar (worgen).

Take the key yourself, go to Vanessa and give her the key, she will offer a place in the gang and free the captain. We speak with the captain, he will say that maybe Joy will be released, but first you need to talk to him on the ship. Before we go to the ship we go to the camp of the brotherhood. We go to the pier near the lighthouse and on the left side of the pier we go to the neighboring island in shallow water. We go upstairs and go to the fire and watch a scene with Fria and three bandits. We go into the house and talk to Vanessa, watch the scene with her.

We approach Inna, standing at the statue of Sylvanas (you need to have tools from the prison in your inventory), she says that a window is open in the house on the left, and if Barracus stands on the lookout, he will receive 20% of the production. But she does not crawl through the window, and gets stuck in it, we select the option "Fuck her" for the scene, or "Help her" in order to free her and also watch the scene.

Rescue Joy

We go to the ship, go down, we find Joy in the company of Jennifer and two pirates. We watch the scene with Joy and Barracus. Joy is free, we return to the tavern and go upstairs, at the door we hear how Paco blackmails Aleria that he will distribute photographs and a film where she and Barracus have sex if she does not give them the tavern. Aleri asks Barracus to find and destroy the tape. We go to the house near the cemetery. There are two ways - break the door, or open the window.

We turn to the best known burglar - Fria, but only if Barracus gave her the key in prison.
We go to the sawmill and take scrap from the tool box.
One way or another, we go into the house and take the film, but then Rico and Paco enter and threaten Barracus, but then his faithful brother Trebor comes to his aid, bringing down the door on the goblins.

Two weeks later

The blackmailing goblins were fired, and Barracus began working with Aleri and Joy as a cook. After yet another day at work, Aleri invites Barracus to take a bath with her. But first, we talk to Joy and watch the scene. We go to the bathhouse, talk to Aleri and watch the scene with her. On the second floor in Aleri's bedroom we speak with both, a scene with all three. Suddenly, Barracus' mother enters the room.



To access it, just talk to Aliniss, she stands next to Barracus' house at the very beginning, and upon arrival on the island, she will stand near the ship, and indeed, she stands directly opposite the place where Barracus appears. After talking with her, you can find yourself in the gallery, where some of the scenes viewed during the current game session are stored, but in addition, Sironas sits opposite the exit from the gallery, after talking with whom you can enter the code for full access to the gallery, at the moment the code is 4221.

secret stage
After two quests by Hammet, access to the hut opens (with Tyrande and the orc on the second floor), in this hut on the balcony we take the map.

We go further along this hill, behind the house (the place where they took a flower for the draenei), and jump to the overgrown rune circle, behind it a tree into which you need to insert a card. The passage opens, the code from the lock is 7822.

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