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 Tails of Azeroth: Lewd Red Riding Hoof walkthrough 
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Post Tails of Azeroth: Lewd Red Riding Hoof walkthrough
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Read on their site (recommended): https://whorecraft-fandom-com.translate ... x_tr_hl=en


We start the game as the blood elf Fay, who is also the only healer in the camp, and therefore Jaina sends her to get herbs due to the increased worgen attacks. We leave the barracks, in the forge on the left we speak with an orc and watch a scene with an orc and a troll, in the stalls behind the tower a scene with Alori and Tri'Koy, and to the right of the stall a scene with a draenei and a totem. We leave the camp and go to the right to the glowing mushroom, pick up the mushroom and watch a couple of scenes with the worgen.

Now we play as Ruby, Ferana asked us to buy some groceries for her grandmother, we take the shopping list from the table (it will go to the "Documents" section). At the exit we meet Walter, who is going to spend time with Ferana until Ruby is at home. We go around the left corner of the house and through the window we spy on Walter and Ferana. Near the sawmill above on the hill, the bloody elf Lianna is hiding, we speak with her and take the task, we go along the logs, in the corner we press the yellow button and jump over the saw, which is now disabled, we go along the logs and take the box, we watch the scene with Lianna and two orcs . If you go to the other side of the sawmill and follow the path, you can see a scene with a night elf and a troll, and in the house next to them with Alexstrasza and Ysera.

We return to Ruby's house, go down the hill and go into the largest house, this is Mortell's house. We learn from Mortell that the food caravan is delayed, and he will also ask Ruby to get a book from the top shelf. We leave his house and go in a straight line until we find the same caravan, interact with the wagon, follow the trail of blood towards the hut near the lake, along the way we find a wounded death knight and talk to him.

We find ourselves in the chapel, after talking with the knight of death, we go to the exit and stumble upon the tauren Hoyt. We pass into the large hall, on the penultimate bench on the right we take a book, also on the last bench the adulterous Assumi with an orc and a tauren sits, and right behind them the necessary totem, use it and watch the scene with Ruby and the totem, the exit is open. We go around the chapel and go to the house behind the cemetery, we speak with the tauren inside. We return to Mortell, he gives out some of the things we need. We turn left and go to the only house on the left side. Inside, we watch the scene with Sylvia and Jake.

We go to a large dark building behind Sylvia's house, this is a bathhouse. We speak with the succubus, and then with Sylvia. After changing clothes, we speak with the succubus again, go through the door behind her and go up to the second floor. We speak with the orc, after the scene we get cigarettes, you can still talk with the tauren, who will join the two hummans from the first floor. We speak with Sylvia and watch a scene with her and two humans. We go down to the first floor, you can’t go out in a swimsuit, so you have to change clothes. Ruby's clothes are in a backpack on a deck chair, next to which Sylvia was standing, we change clothes and go to the opposite side to the central deck chair, on which fish oil lies, take it and go to the entrance to the Chapel.

In the chapel we speak with Sylvia, we go around the chapel and give the fish oil to the tauren, we watch the scene with the tauren and the night elf, now we go to the lake. In homein front of Sylvia's house is a scene with Assumi, a draenei, and an orc inside. At the fork behind Mortell's house, we turn right to the tavern, in the stalls Hemmet shoots porn with Stormy and a horse, on the second floor there is a scene with Linnistra and a human, in the next room Maiev speaks with an elf, and in the last room two illuminated foot-draenei have lost a book that we just found it in the chapel, give it to them and watch the scene with them and the succubus. Now we go to the house near the lake, Sylvia is standing next to the entrance, we go inside and watch the scene with Dora and Ruby. We leave the house, turn right, in the barn we watch the scene with Sylvia and Ramhken and continue to walk along the lake, on the pier on the left - the scene with Nissa and the human. We go further until we see a night elf, talk to him and go down into the mine. The mine turned out to be the lair of the Gray Wolf, we speak with his captives and approach the familiar totem,

We watch something like a scene before the arrival of Luxia, who saves everyone, we leave the mine. In the stalls near the house on the left you can see a scene with a tauren and two draenei, go back to the house and talk to Sylvia, get milk, go to the pier opposite this house and swim to the nearest boulder in the lake, there is a cage with a lobster near it. Near the pier itself, after being freed from the clutches of the Gray Wolf, there is Fay, we talk to her, but Indira appears and takes her to the camp. We go to the mine and climb the mountain, where the camp is located from the beginning of the game. In the barracks, we watch a scene with two foot-draenei and Fay, you can look at almost all the scenes, as at the beginning. We go into the tower, on one of the tables we select a stone. We leave the camp and go to a hill above the mine, or rather, we need a runestone near which there is a candle, on which you need to use the previously found stone (1/4). In the stalls near the tavern, Assumi joined the shooting of porn, and in the room with Maiev, after talking with the night elf, you can watch the scene with her and this elf. Behind the bath you can watch a scene with a dragon and Dora.

We go to the chapel to the death knight, who turned out to be Alex, who came to visit Luxia - we watch the scene with them; we climb the hill behind the chapel and go to the house, but we don’t go in, but when we reach it we go to the left. Along the way, on the left side, activate another candle near the runestone (2/4) We go further along the road and turn left to a large tree on a hill. We speak with a cat druid who takes us somewhere, go along the path to the end and watch the scene with the tauren and two night elves, after which we take part in the ritual, find ourselves in the chapel, talk to Hoyt and watch the scene with him, then with Sammy, then with a cat druid and wake up in a hut, inside the hut behind the druid there is a scene with a draenei and a tauren. We go towards the mine in search of another runestone with a candle (3/4), a short road leads from it to two chests. The last stone is near the scene with the night elf and the troll, which is described at the end of the second paragraph. After activating all the candles, we go to the well in the village and throw a stone into it, Aliniss appears, we watch the scene with her and Ruby. The house near the worgen poster across from the well is now open, showing what appears to be a preview of a possible game.

We return to the grandmother's house, go inside, the grandmother sends to draw water from the well, while the water is being collected, we watch a scene with the grandmother and Sammy, who turned out to be a worgen. We took water, we go into the house, where the granny is already lying unconscious. Sammy takes Ruby, but Luxia is already standing at the entrance, she does not agree to Sammy's offer, and Walter puts her to sleep with a sleeping pill dart.

We wake up in their lair and approach the cage, the worgen decide what to do with the prey and decide everything with the help of the rock-paper-scissors game, while they decide to go and talk to Luxia, who came up with the plan, watch the scene with Luxia and Ruby, then with Sammy joining in, and finally with two worgen and Ruby, while Ruby distracts the worgen we move on to playing as Luxia. We go to the left to a small "workplace" and take a gun. The deed is done, the worgen are put to sleep. The action shifts to the chapel, where these worgen are about to be punished, when Jaina and Sylvanas suddenly appear, demanding that the worgen be handed over to her. Luxia gives Ruby a dagger to her mother, and Alex retires to the tower with Sylvanas and Jaina, we watch the scene with them.


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