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 Chapter 2 - Episode 1 1.1 Walkthrough 
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Post Chapter 2 - Episode 1 1.1 Walkthrough
Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for Chapter 2 Episode 1, the last of the UE3 games. This game has a lot to it, more than the others, so it'll be a little challenging to write this. If I miss a scene or an item or make a mistake, don't hesitate to say so in a PM or in a reply here.

I'll also write walkthroughs for the next two games, the ep1 remake, and the unfinished ep1 remake, unless someone beats me to it. Don't hold your breath for them, though!


1 As soon as you gain control of your character, you can speak with Varonos again if you want

2 Turn around and run to your bed under the stairs

3 Here you can play a song on the guitar sitting here

4 Use the wardrobe to take out clothes by clicking the outfit in the top right, then clicking the arrow near the bottom of the screen to the right

5 Exit this screen and press I and click on the outfit, then click on the hand to put the clothes on (You can also take them off any time by repeating the process)

6 Now exit the house

7 Turn left outside and run towards the well and pick up the shovel *Screenshot*

8 Turn around and run up the path uphill

9 There will be two paths. Go straight to see a mining node for later, and you can talk to the horse for some dialog

10 Go back and take a right up the hill and follow the path until you come to another split in the path

11 Go right and you'll see a small SCENE with 3 Night Elves on the dock

12 Go back to the split and go straight this time

13 Follow the path for a few steps and you should see a SCENE right in front of you *Screenshot*

14 Go up to them and speak to them to scare the guy off

15 Go back to the path and follow it, going left at every fork, until you come to a house with a giant barn on your left

16 Run to the right side of this barn and hop up on the barrel and jump through the window and speak with the Tauren, Badman

17 After accepting his quest, run to the giant doors and leave

18 You'll be found by a Blood Elf who will introduce herself as Kyla

19 When she leaves, go back in the barn for a small SCENE

20 Leave the barn again and go back to the path and take a left

21 Follow the path until you come to a split in the path and go right

22 Go forward until you come to another split

23 This time go directly left, off the path, until you come to a rock *Screenshot*

24 Pick up the Mushroom under this rock *Screenshot*

25 Run back to the path and go left again

26 Follow this path for awhile until you reach the second last tree *Screenshot*

27 Run directly right and you'll find a small dirt pile *Screenshot*

28 Press E on this dirt pile to align yourself with it properly (You'll need to do this with pretty much everything you use an item on), then press I and click on the shovel, then click on the hand icon to dig up a ring

29 Run back to the path and go back to that split earlier and go left up the hill

30 Follow this path until you can turn right towards a house, go in that house

31 Speak to the old man in the chair to get a quest from him

32 Press I after speaking with him and click on the mushroom, then the hand icon to give it to him to complete the quest and get some money

33 Now go upstairs and pick up the "Sharp Dagger" that's on the table

34 Leave the house and head back to the path

35 Take the path right and run along it until you see a path go off to the left (If you go left, run to the guard and skip to #38)

36 You can continue straight if you want, you'll run into Joy

37 After you meet Joy, run around this rock and give the potion to the guard at the gate

38 Speak to the guard again to learn about a secret passage that we'll be using in a little bit. You NEED to speak with him or you can't use the entrance

39 Now run back to the path and go left

40 Run along the path for awhile until you can see one of the houses in the distance by the Night Elves that were on the dock, on your left

41 Run off the path in the direction of that house to get back to Janette who is still on the tree

42 Press E on the tree when prompted and then use the sharp dagger on it to set her free

43 After freeing Janette, run to the right onto the path and follow it to the right (The path forks but looks like it disappears, just keep going right at the fork)

44 While running on the path towards the gate, look for a door hidden behind some bushes on your right *Screenshot*

45 Go in the door

46 When inside, go to the right and look through the keyhole for a small SCENE

47 Run the other way to a door and open it. You'll open up on a small SCENE

48 Run upstairs and you'll find a wardrobe you can interact with. Take out a new outfit and equip it if you want

49 Go closer to the two having sex on the bed for some more dialog

50 On the table opposite to the wardrobe there is a key you need to pick up

51 Go downstairs and use the key on the door to leave the house

52 Once outside, go left passed the group of people and into the house to the right of Sylvanas's statue *Screenshot*

53 Use the Wardrobe to take out Janette's clothes and then try to leave for a SCENE

54 Turn around and go around Janette's house

55 Follow this path until you come to a blocked off mine

56 From here, go right up the hill and through the gate into the cemetery

57 Follow this path straight until you come to a small gated area with 2 succubus's (Whatever the plural for that is) and Hemet trapped inside

58 Speak with the succubus

59 You'll get a quest to find a necklace and a map

60 Leave the cemetery

61 Now leave the city the same way you came in, through the secret entrance in the Troll's house

62 Run back to Janette the same way we found her earlier and give her the clothes (Press E on her first to align yourself with her so it works properly)

Alright, now we will be collecting a bunch of items to sell at the store in town. This will be a little time consuming, but we need money for a bunch of scenes later in the game.


63 After Janette leaves, run forward onto the path and turn right then run forward, ignoring the right turn

64 Run along this path passed the barn with Badman and Kyla in it

65 When you come to a fork in the road, take the left path and follow it until you come to a house

66 Once you reach the house, to your right is a fallen log with a Mushroom beside the opening closest to where you came from. Pick up that shroom *Screenshot 1* *Screenshot 2*

67 Run back to the path and continue to follow it until the end where it splits left or right

68 Take the left path and run forward all the way up to a lone giant tree on a hill *Screenshot*

I'll be using this tree as a sort of landmark throughout this walkthrough to make things a bit easier to find

69 When you reach it, turn left and run down to the small area with trees in it *Screenshot*

70 Beside the dead tree in this area is a Mushroom to pick up *Screenshot*

71 From the mushroom, looking at the dead tree turn right

72 You'll see a small rock sitting at the base of a hill *Screenshot 1* *Screenshot 2*

73 Run up to it and press E on it twice to get two dialogs from it

74 Use your shovel on it to move the rock, then pick up the necklace

75 Run back up to the giant tree and turn left

76 Run down into this area with some paths and some rocks *Screenshot*

77 Down here you'll see Alori and Tri'ka are in trouble, and there's a small SCENE, but we won't be doing anything with them just yet

78 Just below them is the second and last dirt pile we can dig up. Dig it up for a giant ruby *Screenshot*

79 Press I and select both the ring and the ruby, then click the ruby ring icon at the bottom of the screen to combine them together

80 Now follow the left-most path up to a house with an Orc standing outside

81 Talk to the Orc in front of the house to learn you need 10,000 gold to get in (I don't think you can actually get 10k gold to get in, and he has no use icon on him)

82 From the Orc, go right (Passed the barn, we'll come back here) and up into the big house

83 Once inside, run to the Orc to the right of the stairs to see a small SCENE behind him

84 Now go and speak with Auriella (The Draenei near the front door) a bunch of times (Twice after the customers leave) for some funny dialog and to learn you need a bunny outfit before you can work there

85 Leave the building and run straight towards a giant towering rock in the distance behind a tree *Screenshot*

86 On the other side, to the left of it from where you came, you'll find a Mushroom to pick up (Hard to find) *Screenshot*

87 From that rock, run the opposite direction of the building Auriella was in towards the town *Screenshot*

88 You should eventually come to the path that leads up the hill to the old mans house who wanted the Mushroom earlier

89 Run through this path, passed the old mans house, and back through the secret passage

90 Back in the town, go left towards Janette's house but don't go in

91 Follow the path around her house to the building with a gold coin sign on it and go in that building

92 In here, speak with the blood elf to open a shop

93 Click on the button that says "Sironas" at the bottom of the screen to switch into your inventory

94 Sell her your Shovel, all your mushrooms, and the Ring (BUT NOT THE NECKLACE) by selecting them and pressing the arrow near the middle of the screen

95 Switch back into the shopkeepers menu and buy the Fertilizer and the Pickaxe. We'll be back for the rest later

96 Once outside, run straight then left and follow this path

97 Run down towards the mine and take a right up the hill and go through the gate into the cemetery

98 Go down the path into the cemetery and back to the two succubus

99 Use the necklace we found earlier on the red Succubus to receive your reward

100 Now go inside the gated area and pick up the 3 Grave Moss that are inside

101 Speak with the remaining Succubus and you'll be able to buy a BDSM outfit, but not right now becuase it's super expensive

102 Run down the path and take a right (Second right technically, the first one takes you nowhere)

103 Behind a rock you'll find a Mining Node. Use the pickaxe on it *Screenshot*

104 Leave the cemetery and run back to the store

105 Sell the ore you just mined and 2 (Not 3) Grave Moss

106 Buy the Bunnygirl outfit and leave the store

107 Equip the Bunnygirl outfit and leave town through the secret entrance

108 From the entrance, head left and follow the path until you see a building in the distance. Go to that building

109 You'll see the 3 Night Elves on a dock from earlier, go and speak with them with the Bunnygirl outfit on for a SCENE

110 Go back to the main path and go right up the hill, back home

111 When the path splits, you'll see the barn with a horse in it to the left and a Mining Node next to it, mine that

112 Now head all the way back down the mountain and straight until you get back to Badman and Kyla's house

113 Enter the barn and give them the Fertilizer for a SCENE and some gold

114 Leave the barn and start heading left on the path

115 Continue left all the way back to the giant tree on the hill from earlier

116 To the left of the tree from where you came, you should see a big rock *Screenshot*

117 On the other side of that rock is a Mining Node, use the pickaxe on it *Screenshot*

118 Turn left and go straight until you get to the Orc standing in front of a building from earlier

119 Go next door into the barn and speak with Hemet for a SCENE and some money

120 Go left again and into the big building with Auriella

121 Speak with her to turn in the quest and to get some money

122 Speak with her again to accept a new quest

123 Leave the building and head straight, back to the path that leads to the old man who wanted the mushroom earlier *Screenshot*

124 Follow that path up

125 Just before the turn off to the old mans house, there will be a small hill and a tree to your left *Screenshot*

126 Go behind that small hill to find the last Mining Node, mine it *Screenshot*

127 Go back to the path and run into the old mans house

128 Give him the Grave Moss for some money then leave his house

129 Get back to the path and continue along it until the secret entrance, then go in it

130 Back in town, go back to the shop and sell all your ore, the pickaxe, and your bunny outfit (We can buy it back later)

131 Now buy the sexy Maids outfit, the Wine, and the green Dildo

132 Exit the store and equip the maid outfit

133 Go left to the mine and right up the hill back into the cemetery

134 Go back to the succubus near the gated area and buy the BDSM outfit, but don't equip it yet

135 Exit the Cemetery and leave the town through the secret entrance again

136 Go left and follow the path to the end then take a right and go forward passed Badman and Kyla's house

137 Take a left when theres a fork in the road

138 Eventually you'll come to a house, go inside for a SCENE

139 Back outside, go left and follow the path to the big tree then go right back to Auriella

140 Speak with Auriella and turn the quest in

141 Speak with her again then go speak with the Bartender to accept the quest then equip the BDSM outfit

142 Leave the building and run right, back to the big tree then follow the path all the way back to the 3 night elves on the dock

143 Run passed the 3 night elves into a small forest

144 Keep going until you find a scary looking door

145 Enter the door for a SCENE (This bugs out if you don't have the BDSM outfit on)

146 Now run all the way back to Auriella, you should know the way by now!

147 Talk to her to turn the quest in and get some money, then talk to her again for the last quest

148 Run straight out of the building and you'll come to a house next to a big rock

149 At the corner of this house, on the opposite side of the rock, you'll find a Worgen

150 Speak with him for a SCENE

151 After, you'll spawn at some other area

152 We'll need to go back to Auriella, so run off the cliff to the left of the big tree up here

153 Follow the path until you get passed the giant rock, then turn right and run off path

154 Run this way all the way back to Auriella

155 Talk to her to turn in the quest, then leave and run right back to the giant tree

156 From here, follow the path all the way back to your house

157 Outside your house you'll see a Draenei lady leaning on the fence, speak with her for a SCENE

158 After, go inside and give the wine to Varonos

159 Now go to your bed under the stairs and go to sleep


160 You'll start off with a few SCENES

161 Once they're over, go back downstairs and go to your bed

162 Use the dildo on the bed for a SCENE

163 Now leave the house. You don't need to equip any clothes yet if you don't want to, but you will need to equip some later

164 Run all the way back to town, and this time go in through the main gate

165 Go straight and into the tavern in front of you

166 Run upstairs and speak with Janette (Put clothes on if you haven't already)

167 After speaking with her, equip the maid outfit and speak with her again

168 Leave the tavern and start heading towards the mine

169 In front of the Sylvanas statue is some dialog, and after you can run back into the tavern and speak with the two Tauren in there

169 Start heading towards the mine again, and on the way you can rebuy the Bunny outfit if you liked it

170 Instead of going up to the cemetery, to the left of the mine entrance is a bush with Janette hiding in it *Screenshot*

171 Speak with her, then turn around and walk up to the gate and speak with the Tauren

172 Once inside, go to the back door (Closest to the bottom of the stairs) and leave through it

173 Open the back gate for Janette and go back inside and speak with the Tauren for a few SCENES

174 After you regain control of Sironas, run back to the building with Aureilla and go upstairs to the right

175 Enter the second to last door up here for a SCENE

176 Pick up the letter on the table beside you for another couple of SCENES

177 After Alexstrasza saves you, run in the direction of the cemetery for a few seconds then run through the archway to your right and go up that hill to the Mayors house

178 Speak with the guard outside to gain access to the gate, then use the gate to get inside

179 You can speak with the mayor if you like on the ground floor

180 Go up the stairs and speak with Alexstrasza and see a few SCENES

181 Speak with Jaina while you're here to be able to save Alori and Tri'ka in a bit

182 Now leave the Mayors house and the town

183 Go right, up the hill, and to the old mans house

184 Go upstairs and speak with the old man (Young man now) on his bed for a SCENE

185 Now that we're outside, run forward to the path and take a left

186 Once we get down the hill and to the fork in the road, if you look to the right you should see two figures in the distance, to the right of the rock where we got our first mushroom *Screenshot*

187 Remember this location for later, but for now ignore them and run back to the big tree on the hill from earlier

188 From here, go down to the small area with paths and big rocks where Alori and Tri'ka are being held

189 Speak with the female Worgen beside Tri'ka

190 Now turn around and run backwards and you'll see Tri'ka hiding beside a tree here. Speak with him

191 Now go back and speak with the female Worgen again to lure her to the ruins

192 Turn around and run to your right slightly into their ruins for a SCENE

193 Now go all the way back to where those two females were and speak with them for a few SCENES

*If you don't remember, they're very close to the fork in the road coming from the old mans house

194 Once you gain control of your character, run to the right of the warehouse and climb the hill

195 Jump on the corner of the roof and then through the window to get inside *Screenshot*

196 In here you'll find Janette. Speak with her for a SCENE

197 Back outside, run through this small town passed the tavern and shop and speak with Alyniss by the boat

198 Now is pretty much the end of the game, but if you want to you can go and get the Fel Lotus from the old mans house

199 If you choose to do that, just bring it back to Sironas and the game will be finished


This is everything that I know of in this game, thanks for reading

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Post Re: Chapter 2 - Episode 1 1.1 Walkthrough
Thank you, doutcorps. Regardless of how long you need for the other Chap2 Episodes, know that oyur effort is very much appreciated. :D

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Post Re: Chapter 2 - Episode 1 1.1 Walkthrough
Thanks a bunch for the guide! I'm terrible at navigating complex 3D spaces without a mini-map, so this really helped.

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Post Re: Chapter 2 - Episode 1 1.1 Walkthrough
Thank you for the time and effort you make :D

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