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 Archmage Alori v1.01 Walkthrough 
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Post Archmage Alori v1.01 Walkthrough
I compiled a walkthrough for the latest episode of Archmage Alori. It's in the style of the old chronicle walkthroughs. Please feel free to add any scenes I might have missed.

1 Walk towards the throne for a scene

2 After waking up interact with the backpack hanging at the bedpost (press E on it) and choose an outfit.

3 Looking at the exit of the tent, on your right there is a letter that you can read on the bedpost

4 Talk to the elf on the left near the bed and then leave the tent

5 After you went out of the tent, turn slightly to the left and run to the hut on the isle

6 There's a small toilet hut on the left side of the house you can go into to get a scene

7 You can now read a letter on the outside of the toilet hut

8 Go back to the tent you came from

9 Follow the path to the small houses and turn right

10 Go into the first (and only) house to your right

11 Manipulate the tv for a scene

12 Leave the house and go into the house on the opposite side, slightly to your left to watch a small scene

13 Again leave this house, head right and follow the path until an inn on the left side

14 Go into the inn and talk with Hemet for a quest to bring back his camera

15 Go upstairs for small scenes to your left and in the middle and the right door

16 Leave the inn and go into the tower on the opposite side

17 Use the telescope behind the stairs for a small scene

18 Talk with Jaina to get your first quest

19 Leave the tower, head right and follow the path past the stable

20 When you're in front of the first small house on the left, turn right and go to Alyniss sunbathing near the water

21 Talk to her for a scene

22 Go back to the path, go left and follow it to the stable

23 Try to break the seal at the front (press I and use the spell)

24 Try to break the seal again (this time by pressing E)

25 Go inside and run to the horse for a scene (say Yes)

26 Leave the stable, turn left and go back to Jaina in the tower on the right

27 Speak with Jaina to get a new quest

28 Leave the tower, turn left and follow the path

29 Go into the first house on the left for a new short scene

30 Leave the house and go back to your tent

31 Use the dildo on Joy inside the tent for a scene (press I and pick the dildo)

32 Report back to Jaina in the tower

33 Leave the tower, head left and run towards the water past the stable

34 Go near the house on the island for some scenes (Say Please do)

35 Report back to Jaina for a scene

36 Go back to the tent and go into your bed

37 Walk towards the throne for a scene (say Yes)

Day 2

38 Go back to Jaina for your next quest

39 Go into the portal and speak with the tauren for a scene

40 Go back through the portal to report back to Jaina

Let's continue on 2 side quests.

41 After you leave the tower, head right and left at the split and talk with the red clothed girl in front of 2 wolves

42 Follow the path a little further

43 Leave the path to your left after the first big tree chunk on your left

44 Go straight up a hill to find Hemet's camera, pick it up

45 From there, head towards the backside of the inn, you'll see Daemia with 2 men

46 Go there for a few scenes

47 Go downstairs and give Hemet the camera

48 Leave the inn and report back to Jaina

49 Go back to the inn, go upstairs and speak with the orcs

50 Go downstairs and speak with the matron behind the bar

51 Go into the door to your right, leading to the kitchen and down to the basement

52 Speak with the dark creatures

53 Check the cabinet under the stairs to get an empty bottle

54 Again speak with the dark creatures for a scene

55 Go back up the stairs and go back to the orcs

56 Use the bottle to get into the room with the orcs to watch a scene

57 Use the bottle on the table to pick up the key and put down the bottle

58 Leave the inn and head left

59 At the split, head left again. Follow it all the way up to a mine

60 Use the key on the door to get in

61 Go inside the door in the house

62 Go up the stairs and through the door

63 Follow the stairs until you're at the top

64 You find the camera that filmed Jaina

65 Now you've got 2 options, jump down for a blowjob with a green troll or stay there to have a scene with the wolf

66 Report back to Jaina

67 Leave the tower and turn left

68 Follow the path past the stable over the bridge

69 Go into the house to your right where you had the scene in step 11

70 Pick up the bone near the bed

71 Leave the house, go right and go into the last house on the left

72 Speak with the troll for a scene

73 Leave the house, turn right and go around the house

74 Turn left roughly towards Jaina's tower and speak with Hemet

75 Go towards the gap in the rocks for a scene

76 Walk towards the big runestone with a flame on it and acitvate it

77 Go back to the path

78 Cross the path and go to the hut on the island

79 Speak with the tauren sitting in front of the next stone

80 Continue your way in this direction, past the stone, crossing the water

81 Go to another mine with 3 people working in front of it

82 Speak with the man in front of the next stone for a scene and to activate it

83 Run all the way to the inn

84 Speak with the matron

85 Go upstairs in the right door and speak with the worgen for a scene

86 Go back downstairs and speak with the matron

87 Leave the inn, head left and go towards the red clothed draenei

88 Use the bone on the wolves for a scene

89 Continue the path and again go up the hill in the mine and in the house

90 Turn left, go towards the bed and pick up the bottle on the table for a scene

91 Go out throught the right door to watch a small scene

92 Speak with the couple to go away and activate the runestone

93 Go back to the tauren on the island and hand the bottle to him for a scene and to activate the last stone

94 Go back to the troll and speak with him

95 After following his instructions and completing the quest, report back to Jaina for a scene

The End

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Post Re: Archmage Alori v1.01 Walkthrough
thx a lot without your help i think i never get it :D

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