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 F.A.Q. (Updated 4/19) 
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Post F.A.Q. (Updated 4/19)

    1. Technical questions
    2. Gameplay questions
    3. Download and donation questions

    Disclaimer: Authors take no responsibility for any damage caused by following these instructions and wish to thank all the helpful people on these forums for their efforts.

    Walkthroughs and Wiki for Tails of Azeroth episodes HERE

    1. Technical questions

    Q: What are the minimum system requirements for the games?

    A: Difficult to tell precisely, but here are some guidelines:

      For Unreal Engine 3 games (everything before Chapter 2, episode 2):

      Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only) with DirectX 9.0c
      2GHz or better CPU
      2 GB RAM
      A graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support, such as nVidia GeForce 7800

      For Unreal Engine 4 games (Chapter 2, episode 2 and onward):

      Windows 7 64-bit
      Quad-core cpu, 2.5 GHz or faster
      NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher (DirectX 11)
      8 Gb RAM (?)

    Q: I’ve successfully downloaded all the files. How is the game installed?

    A: Installation process on Windows as follows:

      - First you need to decompress the split .rar -file. This can be done with a file archiver program, such as Win-rar.(Recommended.)
      - After this, run the decompressed installer and complete it.
      - Then, run desktop shortcut or actual game exe in C:\Program Files\Whorecraft 2\Episode1\Binaries\Win32 (by default)

      For the newer UE4 games, just decompress the game folder wherever you like and run the exe in the root folder, for example C:\Games\CH2EPv1.01\OST_Game.exe

      Always run the game as admin.

    Q: How to fix the game crashing/becoming unresponsive on start up or error message about missing .dll -files?

    A: Here are some steps to try:

      - Most importantly, always run the exe as admin by right clicking it and selecting “Run as administrator” from the menu.
      - Download and install the latest Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and Microsoft DirectX.
      - One can also try deleting Installinfo.xml in binaries folder. (C:\Program Files\Whorecraft 2\Episode1\Binaries)

    Q: How to reduce graphics lag on an older system?

    A: To drastically improve performance, navigate to “Gamefolder\Engine\Config\UDKSystemSettings.ini” and change settings “DynamicLights” and/or “DynamicShadows” to false. (DynamicLights=False, DynamicShadows=False) Remember to save.

    Q: How to disable motion blur/bloom/lens flares/distortion?

    A: These settings can also be enabled or disabled from the UDKSystemSettings.ini. For example, MotionBlur=False.

    Q: What is this code the game is asking right as I stared playing? (Donator beta versions only.)

    A: This is a security measure to stop the beta versions from being publicly shared. Here’s what to do:

      - Check the number the game gave, enter it in the “Game Key” -box found at the top of this site, hit Send.
      - The site presents an auth key. Enter this key in the box in the game. Hit Ok.
      - Visual guide

    Q: Something strange happens with the models or a crash occurs constantly in the same spot

    A: These are glitches caused by the save system. Loading an earlier save can be tried, but if that doesn't help, close the game, navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\OST_Game\Saved\SaveGames and delete everything in there. (AppData is usually hidden and has to be typed in the address bar to access.)

    Q: The game starts to the main screen without a menu. What to do?

    A: Find the following file (AppData is usually hidden and has to be typed in the address bar):


    Edit the contents to:



    Or try a different resolution depending on your monitor.

    Save. Restart game.

    2. Gameplay questions

    Q: What are the keybinds for the game?

    A: Movement: ASWD
      Jump: Space
      Sprint: Shift
      Interact: E
      Inventory: I
      Menu: Esc
      Lantern: F (episode 3)

    Some NPCs require an item to be interacted with. To give an item to an NPC, open inventory (i) when their trigger text is blinking, click item and then click the "use" button from the inventory.

    Q: How to stop the character from running around in a circle?

    A: Unplug any additional controllers (such as gamepad or joystick) from the computer.

    Q: How to use the inventory for interacting with characters and objects or shopping?

    A: For interaction, make sure the “use” trigger is visible on the screen, hit “i”, select the appropriate item by clicking and press the downwards pointing arrow button on the left side of the item menu.

    For shopping (feature only in chapter 2), select either the vendor’s or your character’s inventory from the nametag in lower middle, and use the downward arrow key to buy or sell selected items.

    Q: Does the game autosave one’s progress?

    A: No. In the older games, F5=save and F6=load. In the newer games, save and load can be found from the main menu. Saving might not always work correctly in demo- or donator beta versions.

    Q: Is it possible to choose which character to play as or customize them?

    A: Apart from changeable apparel in chapter 2, no.

    Q: I'm stuck on the terrain (rock/treebranch/stairs etc.)

    A: Try the following: 1. Hit Tab 2. Type in 'teleport' 3. Hit Enter. Remember to save every once in a while to counter possible glitches or crashes.

    3. Download and donation questions

    Q: Where can I find the rest of the Whorecraft episodes?

    A: The public links were taken down because the earlier games don't really reflect the quality of the current game and the authors don't want the forums or themselves spammed with the same questions about these episodes. The focus will now be Tails of Azeroth, not Whorecraft. The old episodes can easily be found with some Googling. However, the links to all of them will be kept available as an additional bonus in the donator area.

    Q: Why is the public download provider so crappy? Why not offer a torrent of the game?

    A: Unlike a torrent, Turbobit pays the author a small amount for each download. The time it takes to download the files is still short compared to the time spent creating the games. Donators get MEGA links for all the episodes.

    Q: How do I donate?

    A: Details can be found in this topic.

    Q: I donated once on the previous forum or any time before 7/2016. Can my donator status be restored?

    A: The previous donation only entitled to the status during the second chapter of the game. Status can be restored by donating again.

    Q: Are you accepting donations through Paypal?

    A: Private message me (Auril) about donating with Paypal.

    Q: How to tell I have vip-status?

    A: By green forum name and 4 new forums being visible in addition to the 3 public ones.

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